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As a family we’re not addiceted to eat meat dishes but sometimes kebab bells’re ringing for us and then there is no way than eating some meat dish.

This time I wanted to take advantage of mummade tortillas and we had one of yummiest dinner: dürüm. Dürüm is wrap in Turkish cuisine and it is kind of lord of the fast food of the cuisine. As you can eat it on restaurants in Turkey, also you can find it in some small cars on the streets that they prepare yummy dürüms.

for 2 people, prepare 10 min, cook 20 min.


500 gr. steak (chicken, beef, etc.)

2 tortillas

1 onion

4-5 clove of garlic

3 tomatoes

2 peppers

Spice (chili, oregano, mint, black pepper, salt)

3 potatoes

Olive oil


First peel the potatoes and put them to be fried. Meanwhile, sauce the steaks with salt and oregano and fry  them on heated pan. While they are getting fried start to prepare the sauce: peel tomatoes and cut them on very small pieces and fry 3-4 minutes in 2 tbps olive oil, then add chopped peppers and garlics on tomatoes, and don’t forget to put spices on sauce! I used chili, salt, mint, black pepper. Meanwhile check the steaks and potatoes not to make them black!

Cook the sauce around 15 minutes and 5 minutes before the sauce is ready add ring chopped onion to the sauce. It is more tasty when the onion is not cooked much. When sauce and steaks were ready I cut the steaks on rectangle shape, first I spread the sauce on tortillas and put the steaks and fried potatoes on torttillas and wrapped it.

I served it also with more fried potatoes and blush wine and salad.

and happy end!