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I have irresistible appetite what is cooked with dough, I mean I am a pastry lover and this is my weak point on my eating habit. My mother knows very well this weak point of mine and whenever I visit her, she welcomes me with her delicious pastries. Even I watched her hundred times preparing these kind of pastries, I’ve never dared to use a rolling pin. But finally I decided to take responsibility and to try to prepare one of my favourite pastry which is Börek.


2 eggs, to keep one’s yolk,

1 cup Greek yoghurt

1 cup milk

3 tbsp. butter (not melted, but kept outside to be soften)

Half cup of olive oil

800-1000 gr flour

1 tbsp. salt

1 tsp. powder

500 gr. Spinach

1 onion

2-3 pcs garlic

2 grated tomatoes

Spice (chili, mint, pepper, whatever you like)


Put eggs but keep yolk of one to use it later, then add 2 tbsp. butter, oil, milk, yoghurt, salt and mixed it well. I like taste of yoghurt in these kind of pastries, because it makes the dough soft and tasty. When you use yoghurt you can use water instead of milk but I prefer using milk.

Then add slowly flour and powder while mixing it and have a little sticky dough, which you can decide the amount of flour according to dough. It should not stick to your hand but also should not be very hard to move.

When it is ready let it wait with topped wet napkin and then let’s start to prepare spinach mixture.

Chop onion and garlic and fry them with oil, before they get brown add grated tomato and cook 4-5 min, then add chopped spinach and cook until it lose water, around 15 min. then add species and let it get warmer.

Then, let’s take the dough. I made small pieces from dough like 5-6 cm., later I started to use my lovely rolling pin for the first time and rolled the dough out as thin as I can.


It is tastier when the sheets are very thin. I prepared them one by one, like huge tortilla sheets. When a sheet is ready butter it and spread out spinach mixture on sheet and roll it like a preparing cigarette..


After rolling them I shaped it according to my oven tray. When finish rolling all the dough out wash their surface with yoghurt, later with yolk. Let it to be baked on 200oC, 35 min.


When the surface is red enough it is ready to be served. Turkish tea accompanied to my tasty börek and we were close enough to eat our fingers. It seems that it is not going to be my last recipe with my lovely rolling pin!


Keep your day tasty!