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Even I am in love with seafood, I am not good at cooking them, I mean I do not feel to cook them but eat them cooked on restaurant. But this time, I went in to my kitchen and I tried to start with my favourite Spanish dish, with paella. When I visited Spain first time, I came back to home with 3 kilos more on my stomach. The food was so great, the father of my friend was cooking so good that it was not easy to resist to this taste. I remember eating first home made paella and even I had pain on my stomach for eating too much I was trying to eat as much as I can.

So, let’s have a look at my exam with my paella.


1 kilo mussels

200 gr clams

250 gr prawns

1-2 pcs calamari

150 gr salmon

1 paprika

1 green pepper

3-4 garlic cloves

2 tomato

2 handfuls fresh or frozen peas



2 tsp saffron

1 tsp cardamom

2 cups rice

olive oil

5 cups chicken or fish stock


Simmered mussels until they are opened and kept couple them with their shells.

Fried chopped onions and garlic with olive oil and add chopped paprika and green pepper, fried those 5-6 min. and add grated tomato. I cooked 3-4 min. more and added parsley, mixed it and added clams and calamari. I cooked them until clams were opened. It took almost 30 min. Then I added rice and fried it a bit, added saffron, salt and cardamom. And then added opened mussels, boiled and chopped salmon pieces, peas and prawns, mixed them and then poured boiled salmon stock and finally I placed a lid on the pan and cooked almost 10 min. until the salmon stock disappeared.

When it cooked I replaced mussels with shell on it. Also prawns with shell could be kept to replace on it but used cleaned and chopped ones as we do not like much with shell. Also what I ate in Spain had chicken too but I tried only with seafood.

Don’t forget to serve it with lemon!

Be careful, don’t eat your fingers!  🙂