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We would never skip the breakfast. I mean we would never have just a breakfast to have breakfast!!!


My life would be black and white without breakfast. Whatever I eat during the day I do not mind at all, but to start a good and happy day I do not need only a big breakfast but also colourful and cheerful one. So, this morning I have had one of them.


2 pcs tortilla

Any kind of soft cheese, I used cottage cheese,


Spices (dry mint, oregano, chili and pepper)




At the beginning I prepared my main taste of wrap: chopped parsley and mixed it with cheese and I added my favourite spices and a bit salt. Later I covered my tortillas with butter and added cheese mixture and wrapped it. I cooked it in oven during 15 min. on 1000C and cut  into two pieces. I ate it with vegetables, olives and of course with Turkish tea. I had a yummy festival in my mouth during the breakfast time. It is a delicious taste to try for breakfast, for lunch or for dinner. Another joker dish.