I do not what do you think about spinach but it is one of the my joker vegetable. Whenever I think what to cook for tonight, suddenly it replaces on my top list. It is very tasty, easy to cook, I can eat it like salad or like main dish and after all even it is very healty. So I am going to start my world cuisine with my favourite vegetable.

spinach wrap for 4 people,


500 gr spinach,

4 eggs, (seperated egg yolk and white)

2 tbsp butter,

1 lemon zest,

150 gr labneh or cream cheese,

1 tbsp parmesan





Cut the spinach on small pieces and cook it with butter until it loses all water, if it doesn’t lose the water, you can take water out. It takes approximately 20 min., it depends on the spinach, add salt, lemon zest and pepper, I also prefer to add chili. When it cooks, let it get colder and then add egg yolk inside and mix well.

In a different pot put egg white and whip it until it gets creamy and very white colour. Then add it to the spinach mixture without letting it lose its creamy appearance and put it in ovenware around 1 cm, avoid to make it very thick, because then it is getting dificult to make it a wrap. Then cook it on oven which has already heated on 2000C during 15 min.

After taking out the spinach wait couple of minutes to let it cold in order to be able to make it wrap.

Distribute labneh or cream cheese on spiniach and then make it a wrap and cut it on small pieces like 2-3 cm and put parmesan on it before serving. You will see how tasty and how easy to prepare it.

Bon apetit.